Roje apologized for the mistake and promised not to give up

Rosie apologizes with satisfaction, saying that she made a mistake. She has come to the media saying that she made a mistake unknowingly and will never leave with satisfaction. She says that it was a big mistake for her husband to leave her after being deceived for some time and she will never make such a mistake in the coming days.

Rosie had left her 2-year-old daughter and husband Santosh after falling in love with a boy she met while playing pub. After losing his wife, Santosh searched for her everywhere. After the youngest daughter left her mother, Santosh came to the media saying that he had lost his wife and was looking for her. After the news of Rosie’s disappearance came in the media, Rosie was found in Jhapa while searching. Even when Rosie’s brother and husband went to pick her up, she refused to return home. Rosie, who had stayed at the boy’s house, insisted that the boy’s aunt not send him to stay with her.

Rosie had been living in the boy’s house for seven days. But she did not meet the boy directly. Rosie says that she fell in love while talking while playing pub. In the beginning, after speaking in public, a video was also posted on Tiktak. We started talking on the phone. As the love grew, Rosie came to the boy’s house. The boy from abroad also said that he would not send Rosie with her husband. When the boy asked Rosie to stay at home, the boy’s little mother kept him at home.

After Rosie’s husband and brother talked about human trafficking, the boy and his stepmother finally agreed to send Rosie. The case was reported to the police after her brother and husband refused to comply. Police said Rosie was sent home by her brother. Upon returning home, Rosie realized that she had made a mistake. That is why she says she will never leave her husband and daughter. Mr. Santosh says that he never thought that Rosie would take such a big step with the help of pubs and tickets.

Anyway, since Rosie has admitted her mistake, Rosie’s brother suggests to stay together now. He says it is a great thing to be able to admit that he made a mistake. Rosie’s husband, Santosh, says he is ready to suffer for his wife and daughter. He says that he earns money even if he goes abroad. He never thought that Rosie from Dharan would reach Jhapa through Pubji. Rosie says that she started talking to other boys because she was abusive when she came home from work. Santosh also says that he made a mistake by drinking alcohol but now he will never drink alcohol. Rosie had sent money to the boy’s little mother.

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