Romantic Sugam Pokharel’s Lucky Charm is his wife

Sugam Pokharel is a very popular singer in the field of Nepali pop singing. It has been almost two decades since Sugam, a rich man with a melodious voice, embarked on a Nepali musical journey. Sugam is a singer who can do justice to all kinds of songs. Gaining popularity from pop singing, he has also earned a name in the Nepali film world as a background singer. He is satisfied with his deeds. The age is almost four decades. But if you look at his physical constitution, it looks fresh. Singer Sugam Pokharel has become aware of his health as he gets older. Today we are going to talk to her about her.

As he got older, he started having health problems and started focusing on fitness. So Sugam thinks he is too young. But when he sees his children, he really feels that he is getting old. He started his married life a few years later and is preparing to complete almost two decades.

Looking at the life of Sugam Pokharel, he is a successful singer. Seeing his busy schedule, it can be estimated that his earnings are also good. However, he says that he is earning enough to support his family as he is not aware of the need to manage his money. Some time later, he is planning to start farming in his ancestral home in Biratnagar. His mother has been living in Kathmandu for some time and Biratnagar for some time. He has a passion to enjoy the soil of the village. Therefore, plans for agriculture are being made easily.

Lately, romantic songs sung by Sugam have been in the news. He says that he is not only romantic in song but also in real life. But as an artist, he says, you have to make romantic mercury. He says that he experienced first, second and third love in real life. The first love that happened in childhood. That can’t be called romantic. The second love where one knows that one loves the other, but never talked about love. Expressed love but the words I love never came. At the same time, that relationship was broken. The third love that is now with him as his wife. After talking on the telephone for about a year, the love that was shattered finally turned into a marriage. The couple has been married for 19 years now.

Sugam Pokharel was married on the first day of her career. Sugam says that his wife has come as Sugam’s lucky charm. He says that he got unexpected success after marriage. Therefore, his wife has a hand in bringing success in his life, says Sugam.

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