Rs 25,000 Fine for throwing garbage in the river.

While various initiatives are being taken to make Kathmandu clean and odor free, the dumping of garbage has been banned. Now, according to the rules of the metropolis, a company has been fined for dumping garbage in Dhobi Khola. After a video of garbage being dumped in the Dhobi River went viral on social media on Sunday and Monday, the metropolis was investigating it. After an investigation by the metropolis, the garbage dumping company has been fined Rs 25,000 by posting a leaflet on social media, requesting to inform the metropolis if such incidents are found.

He has requested that no one should do any of the desired activities, and if anyone is found to have done so, he should reach out to the metropolis and pay attention to building a society. Due to the current situation of not being able to take garbage to Banchare Dada due to rains, the garbage kept in the contract has been covered with chemicals. As the road is damaged and the garbage collected in Kathmandu cannot be taken away, it has been covered for some time, which will reduce the impact on the locals. Since the inactivated bacteria do not cause any inconvenience to the people, it has been said that the work has been done in such a way that the common people will not face any problem due to garbage.

Mayor Balen Sah has taken immediate action to manage the waste of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, to produce gas from garbage in the long run, to use the leftovers as manure, to bring new state-of-the-art machines from Japan to treat gas and manure in Nepal. He said that steps have been taken for this. He said that this work will start in some time as he will work without giving any assurance. “As non-organic manure is essential for maintaining the fertility of the soil, we will be able to take advantage of the waste that we have not been able to manage in the future,” he said. According to Balen, it is raining now and there is a problem with the road.

He said that health is the biggest priority in human life and it should be given first priority. Garbage has been piled up in Sisdol for a long time, some of them have lost their lives quickly, and nowadays they have demanded to manage the garbage so that their children do not have to lose their lives in the same way. For two decades, health check-ups have been conducted in Sisdol to check the health of people who have health problems due to garbage.

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