Rupa Sunar’s desire to go viral, new revelation about Saraswati Pradhan

The practice of untouchability is still going on in Nepal. Sometimes, due to this untouchability, various accidents have taken place. Somewhere a big caste girl has to be killed for falling in love with him, while somewhere a small caste girl has been killed for not finding a place to stay. There are so many incidents of being beaten in the water. Only time will tell when the idea that human race will not be big or small. Somewhere such incidents are happening deliberately and somewhere there is no shortage of people joking about their caste to introduce themselves on social media. Currently, the case of Rupa Sunar and Saraswati Pradhan has become a topic of interest for the media and the general public.

Rupa Sunar came to the media saying that Saraswati Pradhan did not stay in her house as she was a small caste. She also reported to the police that she had discriminated against Saraswati. According to a report filed by Rupa, police arrested Saraswati. In the early days, social media, the media all raised their voices in support of Rupa. But as the incident unfolds, things have taken a different turn. Rupa, who is also a journalist, has been accused of trying to seduce Saraswati Pradhan. After the conversation between Rupa and Saraswati went viral on social media, many have denied it. At the same time, psychologist Gopal Dhakal said that Rupa had made such a move to make herself viral. In the conversation that Rupa had with Saraswati, it is heard that Rupa herself mentioned my caste. Psychologist Dhakal says that when he heard Rupa talking about the like comments in his posts, there was a hint that he did it to go viral.

According to psychologist Dhakal, looking at Rupa’s background and his childhood, it is clear that he has a sense of revenge somewhere. His statement that he has been discriminated against and mistreated because of his caste shows a sense of revenge in a kind of anger and impulse. Somewhere or other he is angry. According to Dhakal, the feeling of revenge for the treatment meted out to him since childhood has been frustrating. It can be assumed that he has such frustration and anger in his subconscious mind.

Although Rupa accused Saraswati of abusing her, Dhakal says that Saraswati’s temperament is not like that. He said that he had met Saraswati many times and had observed her speech and behavior closely. Saraswati is the referee in the women’s football team of Pradhan Stadium. According to psychologist Dhakal, there is no intention to discriminate against Saraswati even with such behavior. According to Dhakal, Rupa’s laughter at the end of the conversation between Saraswati and Rupa made him treat Saraswati as planned.

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