Rupak Thapa, a Gorkha who has been living in Australia for the past 14 years, was found dead

A Nepalese man has been found dead in the river at Olay Creek in Sydney. The police have started an investigation into the incident where the dead body was found, and a GoFand Me campaign has been started at the initiative of the deceased’s brother to send the body of the deceased Rupak Thapa to his family.

The NRNA Australia President Nanda Gurung has promised to provide all necessary support to send the dead bodies to the families in Nepal. Chairman Gurung has also confirmed that Thapa was found dead.

It is said that Thapa, who came to Sydney, Australia from Nepal in 2009, has his permanent home in Gorkha district. It is said that 8 thousand dollars will be raised through Go Fund Me. The news of the sudden death has brought more pain and mysterious news to the family. He had been living in Australia for the past 14 years.

After getting the news that it is being covered up by calling and sending messages through various means to make it easier to cover it up, I request the people of Nepal and Australia to investigate those who are involved in the activities of NRN or Puchuchwala Samruh in Australia. Relatives and family have requested.

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