Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’i Champs Curtain Raiser episode

The Sa Re Ga M Pa Little Champion has been launched for the purpose of teaching and developing children’s interest in music and to develop their talents.  Galaxy 4k has become the first medium for young children to present their melodious songs to the world through music.


Ayus KC and Pritam Acharya will be conducting the first-ever Sa Re Ga Ma in Nepal. They have done many programs in Nepal as well and have gained a lot of experience by reaching the finals of the famous Si Re Ga Ma Little Champion of India.  These two children, who have been involved in the field of music since childhood, will be seen in the performance of many famous artists. They will also play an important role for the children who want to spend their future in the field of music. Famous artists of Nepal will participate in the program.

Hosted by Pritam Acharya and Ayush KC, the judges of the program will be Nepal’s famous Saint Sushil, an artist who is preferred by many citizens.  Famous Nepali singers will be seen in the program as Garin Jury. For the first time in Nepal, we will get to learn not only entertainment but also a lot of fun.

It is a good thing that a new dimension has come to Nepal for those who are embarking on a journey in the field of children and music, without which there is no basis.  Music has become an example for those who are interested in music. Music is a bright medium to entertain people in any situation.

A good field for people who are interested in music and a means of entertainment for those who enjoy music. It has become a number one place. It has become a bag of entertainment and learning.  It is a great platform for those who enjoy music. It will give a good plate foam to the hidden talents in children. It will be a great platform for music. It will create a future for thousands of children and many will be entertained.

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