Sabin talked about Paul.

Paul shah who is fine actor of Nepal is in trending nowadays. After shah and adhikari, shah got both hate and love from his friends and other influencer. Recently Sabin and Anu who went to see movie recently was catch by media and asked serval question. They talked about review of the movie and also gave short social message’s by saying no one have to go through the stuff like in movie. Hope government finds a job

Sabin and Paul Sah, two actresses who have long struggled in the Nepali film business, have been in the hall for some time. Yes, it was a source of tremendous anxiety, but Sabin stated that when she visited the hall, she noticed the crowd’s presence and affection, that the artiste did a terrific job, and that, in any event, he demonstrated that the audience is deeply in love with God.

Paul was always in her heart, Paul was always in her heart, Paul was always in her heart, and the two were incomplete without one other, according to Sabin. Puja informed Paul that no one could help him since the audience had seen how he lived for a year.

He was always doing his own thing with the picture, which he did with a lot of confidence in order to obtain a favorable response in the market. As the film’s release date approaches, reviewers have leaked an audio recording of Paul, who is tied to the film, and Paul, who is concerned that the film would lose a lot of money, has captured viewers’ hearts. She is convinced that no injustice will occur.

Actor Paul Shah  was surrendered to police after being accused of raping a juvenile girl. He turned himself up to the Tanahun District Police Office this afternoon. Shah is under police control, according to Yubaraj Khatiwada, a spokeswoman for the Tanahun District Police Office.
He announced on social media earlier this morning that he will appear in front of the police today. Singer Samikshya Adhikari (17) has filed a rape complaint against Shah with the Tanahaun District Police Office.
Based on the allegation, the Tanahun District Police Office issued an arrest warrant for actor Shah with the authorization of the District Court.

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