Sachin Pariyar father case with folk singer

Recently, folk singer Paru KC has said this about Sachin Pariyar. Sachin Pariyar father Tejendra Pariyar, who went viral some time ago, has been dragged into the controversy. Tejendra Pariyar had brought another wife even though Sachin Pariyar and his mother were at home.

While Sachin Pariyar was going viral, Sachin Pariyar mother want to meet her son . While Tejendra Pariyar father is in dispute, Tejendra Pariyar second wife has come to the media. The wife of Tejendra Pariyar, who came to Kathmandu from home with a child, has brought out the internal affairs of the house.

Even though he has two wifes, the rumors of Tejendra Pariyar bringing another wife have come out and one secret thing after another has started to come out. Tejendra Pariyar has revealed that his wife, who was staying at a hotel in Kathmandu,she mention that tejendra did not come home on time and did not return till 3-4 Am Mrng. Lets see Paru KC tough challenge to Tejendra Pariyar

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