Sad story of a 63-year-old supermodel – Dinesh Mohan

If a person wants to in life, he can fight in any situation, if he gets older, if he takes care of his health, if he puts his mind in the right positive place, even after he gets old, he will have the same zeal as a young person. As people get older, they keep various kinds of burdens on their minds, put their lives under stress, and make themselves feel old, but some people always spend their lives like nine young people.

Indian model actor Dinesh Mohan, after living in depression for a long time, after feeling that he was better, thought that life would be easier if he got a job, but he said that he never thought that he would become a model. He said that although the earlier times were very difficult, after he got better, he started living a different life than he thought. He said that even though he worked as a model when he was 57 years old, he made a lot of progress when he reached 63 years old.

He said that after the journey that started as a photographer got old, he started working in the film industry. He has said that he has worked in many fields including TV serials and short films. He said that he started his life at a time when he had to rest at home, he said that he played a dark life that he did not think about in his life. He has said that he never thought that he could ever get up in life, that he could live his life in a different way. At the age of 41 years, he was in a very deep relationship, but when he lost it, even though he tried hard to get out of that incident, he still felt complete. He said that he could not come out of that incident.

He said that he has been on an intravenous line for nine years and that he is not healthy and that he has been on medication for a long time. He said that even though he was in depression and tried hard to get out of it, he could not do anything. He said that he lost a lot of economic, social and intellectual skills when he left the government job because his family taught him to be honest while working. He has said that after being a victim of depression in his life, he tried to change his life by accepting himself. At home, I used to eat whatever I got

He has said that his weight has reached 135 kg. He has said that he has been sleeping in his bed for seven years and continues to eat what is in the house. He said that after understanding everything, life begins. He said that he suffered a lot for 16 years due to depression at one time. He said that until a person starts his life by understanding himself, he is missing out on many things. He has said that his sister-in-law has always embraced him and brought him here.

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