Sakkigoni Bale says openly talking about love

The artist of the popular serial Sakkigoni, Bale, and the light-hearted artist, Master Ni, have openly praised their love for each other. The two have openly praised each other. Talking about her new girlfriend, Bale said that she is ashamed, because they are artists from the same field, because they enjoy working, they have completed their project by openly entertaining and entertaining. He said that no matter how many videos he has made, his name has been added.

Sagar Lamsal, who is very popular in Sakkigoni serials and music videos, and Anita Basnet, who has become famous for her light comedy, and her special performance and the song sung by Subhas Okhai have been made public. Anita said that since the audience liked the light fun very much, they got a lot of energy and encouragement while working. She said that she will not forget her family as she came from Sakkigoni in a chaotic manner.

Anita said that she missed him a lot because she worked with Estu for 4-5 episodes. She said that she did not know anything because she did not say anything to herself because she had an agreement with her brothers not to have fun. As an artist, she said she did not know what was going on inside. As she has worked in the same field, she may have gone out for work and may have come here later to work, she said.

Artists like Sagar Lamsal (Bale), Anita Basnet (Masterney), Marichman Shrestha (Balchi), Raju Poudel (Master), Subash Okhei, who have made a name for themselves in Nepali comedy TV series, are about to launch a new music video. Anita, who became the wife of the master in the serial, said that Kalakar Sagar Lamsal of Sakkigoni was thrilled to become a lover, while Raju Master expressed his jealousy in his mind. Anita Basnet has broadcast the music video “Timi Sang” from youtube channel.

He said that he has made a very good music video with a lot of effort from the comedians of the serial. In the song, when a lover is with two people, it is shown who to go with. One after another music videos of Sagar Lamsal Bale have come into the limelight. All the artists have said that they are happy to work with the team and they are sure that everyone will like the music video. After Sagar and Balchi and Raju talked about both the issues, he said that he could not speak.

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