Sakkigoni – comedy serial -S2 Episode 64

Nepali comedy TV series Sakkigoni is a comedian serial that depicts Nepali society based on real events happening in Nepali society. The 63rd series of Sakkigoni shows the fashion and culture singing competition held in Nepal. The issue of fashion in today’s market, which makes it difficult for people to carry out their daily activities, has been raised in the this episode. Today’s episode shows the culture and civilization that is going on in the present time.

Unemployed youths in the village start nightclubs that are suitable for today’s society to earn money and have fun together. After starting the club, they say that their sons did a good job for social service. Everyone supports them. Even if people don’t support it, as the business grows day by day, they continue to increase their earnings. Some people’s bad thoughts are seen everywhere when starting a club, which seems to have caused problems for others who are running their own lives.

Sakkigoni is a Nepali comedy tv serial broadcasting every thursday on himalaya tv. it is one of the most viewed tv program in nepal. The show sakkigoni is produceby jpt creation and digital distributed by teligenz nedaia Arjun Ghimire and Kumar Kattel are the writters / directs the show.

The story is based on rural lifestyle and lower middle class people. The show stars Arjun Ghimire, Kumar Kattel, Sagar Lamsal, Hari Niroula, Kamalamai Nepal, Priyana Acharya, Rakshya Shrestha, Govinda Koirala, Madhu Sadhan Pathak, Dipak Acharya as the main characters.

Telegenz is one of the nepali entertainment, a wareness, comedy and educational contain provider for youtube channels in nepal. This channel mainly focuses on entertaining our youtube viewers with different. we upload various genres such as action, comedy, romantic, horror, drama etc.

The character, known as Pandey in the Sakkigoni comedy series, is from a very poor family, and his nephew Jayante has taken refuge in his house. Pandey pretends to be very clever and walks around the village cheating people, while Jayante is straightforward and obeys his uncle. In a house where food is not well received, Pandey does not seem to be lagging behind in doing wrong. Jayante’s wife, Luri, is the fattest, and sometimes employs him. A beautiful village settlement, despite the essence of meeting each other, sometimes small quarrels, disputes are happening.

Jigri, Bale, Agume, Raksha, Munni, who are living their lives in the village, are doing the work done by the young men and women in the village. The Sakkigoni series, which is based on the village environment, depicts various human activities, depicting the village’s human life. A person born in a poor house tends to have more desires than some people in the village.

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