Sakkigoni | Comedy Serial | Season 2 | Episode-34

Sakkigoni is a Nepali TV Serial Broadcasting every thursday on Himalaya TV. It is one of the most viewed Television Programs in Nepal. The show is produce by JPT Creation Pvt. Ltd. Arjun Ghimire and Kumar Kattel are the writters/directs the Show. The story is based on rural lifestyle and lower middle class people. The show stars Arjun Ghimire, Kumar Kattel, Sagar Lamsal, Hari Niraula, Kaman Mani Nepal, Priyana Acharya, Rakshya Shrestha, Govinda Koirala, Madhusudhan Pathak, Deepak Acharya as main character.

Artists: Arjun Ghimire (Padey), Kumar Kattel (Jigri), Sanjita Pandey, Kabiraj Bham, Rashmi Pandey, Kamalmani Nepal (Khupika Bau), Dipak Acharya (Kaku), Sagar Lamsal (Bale), Hari Niraula (Cokroach), Govinda Koirala (Jayante), Madhusudan Pathak (Site Ba), Rashmi Pandey (Makuri), Priyana Acharya (Munni), Sita Devi Ghimire (Chandramukhi), Ram Bhajan Kamat, Purushottam Acharya (Police), Rabi Khanal (Neta) , Bhima Mainali Upreti, Gaurab Pahadi, Shrijana Adhikari, Sangam Bhandari, Roshni Karki, Deepak Karki

JPT Creation is one of the Nepali entertainment, awareness, comedy, and Educational Contain Provider For Youtube channels in Nepal. This channel mainly focuses on entertaining our Youtube viewers with different content. We upload various genres such as action, comedy, romantic, horror, drama, etc.
We do upload all videos in this channel with full Digital Copyrights of ourselves or provided by different owners officially.

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