Sakkigoni. Comedy serial. Season Episode 52.

The Nepali comedy serial Sakkigoni is aired on Himalaya Television, Episode 2, Episode 52 of the episode. After finding out that the police had checked the tastes and smells of the people by feeding them food by putting boards in the house, they took them into custody. At night, when Jigri’s father and brother found out about Raksha’s drinking, he went to the house to find out why he was lying in the tank.

Teleginz is one of the Nepali entertainment, awareness, comedy and educational contain provider for youtube channel in Nepal. This channel mainly focuses on entertaining our youtube viewers with different content. Many new artists have been added to the Sakkigoni to entertain people. After the story has been asked, one artist after another has been added. He is known as Ghimire Pandey. He is an old man. He belongs to the village. He is from a poor family. He has a lot of quarrels. The villagers have lost their faith. They walk on water.

Kumar Kattel Jigri is seen in a funny role. He has been seen as a character who provokes his friends and associates with girls. He is also found to be different from others. The crocodiles help her in everything she does, from cheating on people to teasing girls. People don’t want a new guy to come to the village to get married, they do all sorts of things to prevent their boyfriend from getting married. Her role is seen in the new work.

Having gained experience in many places, they have started various works to win the hearts of the viewers. Since hard work, experience knowledge has been releasing episodes as the viewers like, Sakkigoni has been running a lot. The artists who have come are giving good content. The actors in the comedy TV series are Arjun Ghimire ‘Pad’, Kumar Kattel ‘Jigri’, Kamal Mani Nepal ‘Khupika Bau’, Deepak Acharya ‘Kaku’, Sagar Lamsal ‘Bale’, Hari Niraula ‘Kakroj’, Raksha Shrestha, Gopind Koirala `Jayante ´, Madhusudan Pathak` Siteka Ba ´, Pririnka Acharya `Munni ´, Rabi Khanal` Leader ता Sita Debi Timilsina `Chandramukhi ´, Rashmi Pandey` Makuri ´, Subodh Gautam `Edume ´, Ghansyam Joshi` Police , Bhima Mainali, Sanjita Pandey / Sanu, Kabiraj Bham, Bhavana Acharya / Luri.

Sugam Pikharel has composed the music for the Sakkigoni comedy series. VFX has been done by Shrikrishna Shrestha. The management has been done by Saroj Kuwar. Creative Deepak Acharya and Hari Niraula have done the role. Hari Niraula. Arjun Ghimire and Kumar Kattel have done the main role of story writing, screenplay, dialogue and directing. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required

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