Salon Basnet sings and his wife-to-be dances

In the concert of hero Salon Basnet and his friend singer Ames Bhandari, who is going to become famous in the Nepali film industry, when Salon was about to sing a song, his wife-to-be danced.  The event was attended by the media and many people.  Milan movie team also attended the program and entertained the audience.

They say that two friends from childhood decided to become singers, but later entered the field of cinema.  He said that since he was a child, he wanted to do a concert, so now he has done it together with two friends.  Salon Basnet, who has tattooed his future wife’s name on his arm, is going to turn his long-time love into a marriage bond. Amesh Bhandari and Salon Basnet, who are going to do a special Teej program, also talked about other topics while wishing Dasain Tihar.
 Amesh has requested to celebrate Tihar in a way that suits the family instead of making many times and expensive Tihar.  Salon said that since the ticket will be free after the marriage, they can go anywhere and celebrate Hanuman after shooting two movies.  The two of them said that they are going to hold a concert since they both went to the music industry at first, but later left it and came to the film industry.  Salon Basnet, who is getting attention in the film industry, is going to marry 24 years Karisma Kc on the 12th of November.
Salon, who has been in a relationship for 4 years, said that even though he got married soon, keeping his father and uncle by his side, he will have a child late.  The movie “Milan” starring Salon is preparing for release on the 18th of October.  The two have openly talked about their lives while telling about getting married to Karisma, who works as an air hostess at Nepal Airlines.  Salon has said that he will invite the people who have been working with him, relatives, friends, brothers, and acquaintances to the wedding.

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