Salon Basnet wedding at Chandragiri resort

Actor Salon Basnet got married to his girlfriend Karishma KC on Monday at Chandragiri Resort in the presence of family members, relatives and film workers. Along with the people, Salon was taken on a doli to the Bhaleshwar temple where the wedding ceremony took place. A group of women played naumati instruments to show that the old culture should not be forgotten.

While getting married, the brothers-in-law pulled Salon’s shoes from his feet. To revive the Nepali marriage culture which is being forgotten by everyone, the marriage was done using Naumati baja and doli. Sovit said that according to the rites that our forefathers used to do, he did the wedding. Actors and Film Development Board Chairman Bhuvan KC, Salinman Bania, actresses Pooja Sharma, Varsha Raut and many other actors, journalists and others were present at the wedding ceremony. Actor Salon Basnet, who has been in love for a long time, tied the knot with airhostess and model Karisma KC on November 12.

Both of them are going to give the name of marriage to a couple of years of love. Salon has been contributing to Nepali movies for a long time, garnering good buzz due to his acting. Director Shovit Basnet and his family have made preparations so that there is no shortage in Salon’s wedding. Karisma’s mehendi event on November 10 was made grand by Salon and her family. The excitement of both was high during the mehendi program which lasted from day till evening. People from both sides were entertained and entertained with entertainment.

The artist, who has been able to win the hearts of the audience with his art, was excited at the Salon Bibah program. Agents Bhuvan KC, Zia KC, Pooja Sharma, Barsha Raut, Sanjog Koirala, Salinman Baniyan, Amesh Bhandari and other relatives and friends of both families were present to bless and wish Salon and Karisma. Actors and journalists who participated in Salon’s wedding program were happy with their own hearts.

From veterans who have been struggling in the film industry for a long time to emerging actors, they were present there. Salon has said that in his marriage, he has invited people who have been working with him, relatives, friends, brothers and acquaintances. Although he thought that he would hide the fact that he was in love and get in the way of the marriage bond, he said that he did not know where the matter had spread. Salon had said that the movie is affecting his marriage. Many actors were present for the promotion of the movie. He said that if the movie is well made, the audience will get entertainment as well as a good inspiration

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