Salon, who went to see the movie with his girlfriend, did not want to speak.

Salon had taken his girlfriend to watch the premiere of the movie “Ghanchakkar” which was going on in the hall on July 25. Saugat was alone before the other artists arrived. Nepali comedy film has been made, while the audience is watching this movie with entertainment, what is life? He said that the film also shows how people are moving forward in their lives.

The new movie “Ghanchakkar” has been made with the help of new artists who have been working in the field of Nepali cinema for a long time. From comedians in the field of cinema, the cast of the film has the participation of suitable actors. In the film, which has won the hearts of Nepali viewers and casts important roles of actors, one can observe the happenings in real society along with love. While watching the premiere of the movie, the protagonist of the movie, Salon, seems to be embarrassed to hide his girlfriend.

The movie Ghanchakkar shows how a villager gets spoiled when he comes to the city, when he lives in a rented house in the city. Kalakar Saugat said that the film was made by including Ghanchakkar movie, showing the Nepali environment, love, entertainment and comedy. Ghanchakkar movie has been made by incorporating new experiences of artists who have been embracing the field of art for a long time. The production team has said that the film is suitable for the viewers.

The artist, who has been very popular in the film industry for a long time, said that he felt that he had done very well today as he would not be coming to the premiere of the film. “The movie Ghanchakkar is so much fun, I don’t know if the time has passed,” he said. Saugat said that the market for Nepali films has not gone down due to foreign films. He said that the film makers should think about how to make the film and draw the audience to the hall. Saugat said that they are weak in not running Nepali movies and they have not been able to give the movie according to the mood of the audience.

He said that Saugat, Salon and Mamta, who are the protagonists in the movie Ghanchakkar, have worked hard to bring the movie to the market. As the Korna epidemic subsides, one movie after another is hitting the halls, new movies are hitting the halls, foreign movies are also hitting the halls, and Nepali movies seem to be affected to some extent. Lately, with the separation of Nepali films and foreign films, the conversation in the field of Nepali cinema has started to slow down a bit, which has led to a kind of frustration among Nepali artists. Nepali film has been made in collaboration with Nepali comedians.

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