Samaya Chakra with Rohan Shrestha

With the onset of the second wave of corona in Nepal, patients across the country have started sneezing. Stating that there are no beds in the hospital, the government has issued a statement urging people to avoid corona. In this situation, private sector hospitals have started fixing the price of beds. It is the religion of the hospital to provide many services from its limited resources and means in this dire situation of the epidemic. But if this is the chance to make money, then private hospitals are busy fixing the price per bed.

Beds are available in any government or private hospital for those with access and money. They can get treatment at any cost. But the poor are not able to pay the price set by the hospitals. Therefore, poor people have no choice but to stay at home without treatment.

Recently, Hams Hospital in Dhumbarahi has also published a letter of approval with details of the expenses incurred for the treatment of Kovid. The letter states that Kovid’s treatment at the government hospital was free, but he came to the hospital with his own consent and was responsible for whatever happened during the treatment.

The simple bed charge set by Hams is Rs 7,000 and the price of a suite room is Rs 50,000. The price of ICU has been fixed at Rs 22,000. It is not clear whether the price is for one day or for the entire treatment period.

Generally, a doctor’s charge is Rs. 800 from the time of checkup in Nepal to the time of viewing the report of other tests. In the letter issued by Hams, it is written that the doctor visit charge will be Rs. 1500 for each time. Doctors at the same hospital have been receiving a monthly salary of Rs 30,000, while a letter issued by the hospital states that they will charge Rs 1,500 for a one-time visit.

Earlier, a man named Aftaaf Alam Mikrani was kept in the hospital for one night in the Corona wave and the Grandi Hospital had recovered Rs 300,000. Private hospitals in Kathmandu are busy with such activities.
KMC Hospital in Sinamangal had started covid treatment in coordination with the government. According to the government, there is no charge for Kovid’s treatment. But KMC has fixed the price of the cabin. As soon as Kovid reaches the hospital for treatment, the work of collecting money from the patient begins.

There is no home when you go back to a private hospital, there is no certainty when you go back to a government hospital. The Nepali people are in a similar dilemma. The people have been affected due to the negligence of the government and the earning of private hospitals.

With the spread of Corona in the country, some traders have started looting. But the National Innovation Center is busy collecting oxygen this time.

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