Sambhujit Baskota introducing his granddaughter for the first time:

A senior musician who has made a distinct identity in the field of Nepali song and music has introduced his grandson to News Parivar for the first time. Sambhujit Baskota said that he enjoys talking and playing with his granddaughter Zara Prasine. She said that Zara took her grandfather’s victory and named it after her. Sambhujit said that although he has half a dozen children and half a dozen grandchildren, Zara is the eldest grandchild of the house.

Ambhujit said that when he met Zara for the first time, he brought her from London to the airport in a small carry-on and then he grew up with her for a long time. Zara, who played with him a lot, said that he was born in London, but he is in Nepal. He said that now the children have their own freedom, so they have created a separate identity, so they are not seen by the media.

He said that Zara, who is now living in America, has a special kind of intimacy with all the families in Nepal. He said that even though in Nepal there is a lot of happiness due to closeness with the family society, in America everyone is busy in their own work. Sambhujit, who has also been the judge of Nepal Idol in Nepal, has brought many talents in the field of artistry. She said that even though she came to America to study, she kept coming to Nepal. Zara said that her grandfather was the idol of her life.

Sambhujit, who worked in Radio Nepal for 20 rupees, says that it is not possible to compare the salary before and now, again, the salary is not small or big, she says that it should be respected. She says that even though the money is small for now, it is important now. Sambhujit says, we will do the best as possible. He says that if he does something bad, he will get a bad reaction from the audience. They of Sant Sobhab say that they enjoy themselves by talking about songs.

Earlier, the music teachers used to go around 14 zones and 75 districts and take people who knew how to sing folk songs to Kathmandu, but now they have started making songs by showing them on digital technology. As a result, all the people in the country can watch it at home. They, who are the judges of the music reality show, participated in the interview with laughter and fun. Sambhujit, who has been involved in song music since childhood, says that there are many differences between the current generation and the previous generation. He says that the current generation has brought a new era by changing many models.

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