Samikshya Adhikari in the media after a long time

The issue of review Samikshya Adhikari and Pal Sah, which has been in dispute for some time, has been hotly debated for a long time. She is known as a very honest singer in the field of doubles.

According to the review, Pal Shah likes her very much and even gets upset when she makes some wrong comments towards Paul. She said that she also acted in the first song with Paul in the creation of Naresh Khati.

At this time, Samiksha and Naresh’s new song has come on the market. With the song Maya Marer becoming a hit, Samiksha and Naresh’s song and acting have come to the market with a bang. I can’t name it, but I’ve been in the field for 12 years now and I think it’s the best song I’ve ever written.

The reviewer has also informed that a new song will be played by her and Pal Sah. During the conversation, she said that a new song with her partner will be coming soon. She laughed and said, She also said that she did not see him immediately.

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