Samir Ghising (V-ten), What The Flop

What the flop is a sarcastic comedy program. The program is hosted by the popular name of the television named Sandip Chettri. The show is handed out on every Wednesday from 9 :00 to 10:00 PM. And as above mentioned the presenter of the show is Sandip Chhetri.

Today V-ten started rapping and has since recorded over a dozen songs. He discusses social and political issues in most of his songs. He also freestyle in what the flop show today and he share about his hardwork and behind his smile he also failed many time in his life and he still smile and make everyone happy , He share about his life planning never give up at any condition , and Sandeep Chhetri is a very popular Nepali standup comedian, a very talented actor and a composer of Nepali Entertainment industry. He was born on 5th September, 1986 at Birjung, in parsa district of Nepal. But currently, he lives in Kathmandu. His wife name is Samikshya paudel. She works at Megha Bank as a branch manager. He has one daughter. Looking towards his education, he had completed his master’s degree in Commerce sector.

According to him, his favorite singer is Narayan Gopal. He started his career being a radio RJ. By the time he searches his interest in standup comedy program as well. He worked on BBC as well. Currently, he is working on Kantipur Television. He has also worked with the reputed and renowned personalities Haribansa Acharya and Madan Shrestha in the television program named “Maha Sanchar”. He has also worked in many movies. Some of them includes How Funny, Woda Number 6, Changa chat and so on. He has a strong sense of humor. He always tries to put forward the things in a very comedian way. Not only that in the same time he also holds the truth inside it. In his show What the flop, he makes us laugh with his hysterical reports on a week’s that may be on politics, media, sports, actor, actresses, political peoples or any corporate culture. Entertaining breaking news, weather report, skit, are the high points of the show. This show is also repeated on every Monday at 2:30pm & every Tuesday at 1:30pm. This show have a soft spot by most of the young youths of Nepal who lived in Nepal as well as foreign country of the world.

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