Samragyee RL Shah case & Bhuwan kc appointed Film development Board chief a metoo case

After Bhuvan Kesi became the chairman of Nepal Film Development Board, many people are raising their voice that the person accused of meToo should not be made the chairman. Some time ago, the actress of Nepali film industry, Empire Rajyalakshmi Sah, had raised her voice saying that she had been sexually harassed. Even now the court has not acquitted the charge, the empire has not withdrawn the case either. She has said that she has raised her voice on what she has experienced, on the pain faced by women in every area.

Everlasting hero Bhuvan KC, who has been continuously fighting for the promotion of movies for a long time, has become the chairman of the Movie Development Board. He said that KC, who is the chairman among the 9 candidates, will hold the office of the chairman with great devotion, and even if he gives his life, he will fight for the advancement of the film development board. Respecting the artists before him and encouraging the upcoming artists, he said that he will always take initiatives for the upliftment and development of the artists.

He has said that he will continue to fight for the promotion of films that respect the language and culture of my country. He said that he will work according to the wishes of the artist after thinking about the pain and joy experienced by the artist. He has said that since he has been fighting in the film industry for 40 years, he will always work to elevate art. Artists from different fields who are involved in the field of Nepali art, in recent times, entering Nepali-run political parties, are seen taking various lures. .

Artists like Bhuvan Kesi, Kamal Oli, Karisma Manandhar, Swaita Khadka, Rekha Thapa, who have made their own identity in the field of Nepali art, seem to be involved in politics. Actor Bhuvan KC Le and Swayita Khadka, President of Artist Association Rabindra Khadka entered the Nepali Congress. Online has written that Bhuvan Ksi has entered the Nepali Congress with the aim of becoming the chairman of the Film Development Board. If we look at the history before this, since there is a record of the actor of the party which is in government becoming the chairman of the film development board, Bhuvan K. has also said that he joined politics for the same purpose.

Evergreen hero Bhuwab Kesi, who has been in the hearts of millions of people from the Nepali film industry, has recently started to be interested in politics. Xi has said that he is not sure whether he will contest the election or not. Even before this, Bhuvan KC was sure to rise as MP from CPN, but he did not get a ticket. He said that since everything is connected with politics, to change the current situation of Nepal, there is a need for a competent person, the area that everything comes with, a good vision, and a master plan.

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