Sandeep and Paul Sah are not rapists

Durga Prasain, a businessman who has been saying that Sandeep Lamichhane and Paul Sah are innocent, has said that because women have more rights, innocent people are getting trapped.  Prasain said that it is wrong to hide the wrongdoings of corrupt leaders who loot the country but to keep the people who are struggling with their hard work among the people in jail.

If it has been rape, there should be a wound on the hand, bed clothes should be torn, grass should be cut, and if there is screaming, it is rape.  Prasai said that he was not raped after a month of traveling together all day and staying in a hotel at night.  He has said that the Durga Prasai government, which comes into the limelight from time to time, is a Deuba government and the second government is Durga Prasai for the poor and afflicted.
Although it is the government of Nepal, he has said that Durga Prasai is a government for the poor and afflicted.  He has said that the leader who is eager to earn remittances by sending Nepali citizens abroad, is not willing to send Nepali citizens abroad, Nepali citizens are silent when they are in foreign jails.
He said that after Durga Prasain met the royal family of both, he took a special initiative to send the dead bodies and the people who were in jail to Nepal.  He said that since negative work is more than positive work in Nepal because the situation of Nepal is going to be like Sri Lanka, some business leaders are going to leave the country.
While Prasain said that federalism has no meaning in Nepal and should be rejected, he said that Hindu Rashtra should be established.  He has said that they have made the country lose by sending the country’s manpower outside.  Prasai said that the government allocates money for health and eats together from the bottom to the top.

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