Sankhuwasabha Massacre: This is how the Karki family was massacred

Four more people have been arrested in Madi Municipality-1 of Sankhuwasabha on the charge of being involved in the incident. Police have arrested Khadga Bahadur Karki, 46, Hasta Bahadur Karki, 28, Ran Bahadur Karki, 49, and Naresh Karki, 17.

Chief of the District Police Office, Lal Dhwaj Subedi, informed that the four arrested persons are being made public at a press conference today. Tej Bahadur Karki, 52, of Umling Khola village, his mother Parvati, 84, wife Kamala, 52, daughter-in-law Ranjana, 32, grandson Dipen, 11, and granddaughter Goma, 7, were killed on September 7.

Police have already arrested Lok Bahadur Karki, a member of the same family. After finding the missing mobile phone of the deceased Ranjana last Friday, the police investigation team reached the spot again.

A six-member team led by Superintendent of Police Bhim Dahal of the Federal Unit Police Office Dharan has reached Khola village on Friday to conduct further investigation into the incident. Subedi said that four people were arrested on the basis of Lok Bahadur’s statement. The four arrested are neighbors of the deceased Tej Bahadur.

Karki is the same person in whose house the police team had investigated the incident. According to DIG BC, Khadga Bahadur’s family was sent to a neighbor and a police team stayed at his house. The house of Khadga Bahadur and the deceased Tej Bahadur Karki is about 250 meters away. According to police, he readily accepted the request to provide a house for investigation.

Due to the vivaciousness of the villagers and the media, the incident was interrogated only at night. According to DSP Lal Dhwaj Subedi of the District Police Office, Sankhuwasabha, he did not know anything about the incident.

When it was seen that the incident did not take place with the intention of stealing, Lok Bahadur was under suspicion when the police investigated the incident from the village. But Khadga Bahadur and others did not.

But after Ranjana’s mobile phone was found hidden by Lok Bahadur’s brother Naresh, others were also involved in the investigation. Lok Bahadur’s statement also made it easier to reach Khadga Bahadur, according to the officials involved in the investigation. Police also arrested Khadga Bahadur’s two sons and his wife for investigation. But their involvement has not been seen.

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