Santoshi culprit was caught by the police within 48 hours

The information technology equipment (mobile) used by victims and perpetrators has become an important basis for crime investigation. Accused involved in the incident of 27-year-old Santoshi Subba, who was found dead in Dakshinkali forest with the help of this technology, he has been arrested.

According to Upatyaka Crime Investigation Office Chief Chandra Kuver Khapung, 29-year-old Suresh Timilsena Kamalakshi, a co-driver involved in the incident.

The co-driver of the bus, which is currently plying on the Ratna Park-Dakshinkali route from Sangachok, Chautara, Sindhupalchowk, revealed in a statement to the police that Santoshi was brutally killed within eight hours of his acquaintance.

Although no phone contact was found between them, the police managed to arrest the accused within 24 hours of the incident by collecting various mobile phone numbers near the incident site. Even a trained dog was confused in the investigation of the incident.

After Santoshi complained that he did not even have money to eat, the accused Timilsena was tempted to sleep inside the bus and tried to take him to the toilet in the middle of the forest from the hotel in the evening.

After that, Suresh had lied to Santoshi that he could sleep in his Bus. Santoshi also said that Suresh had agreed to stay in the bus.

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