Sapna Rokka Magar and her team were mistreated by the police, even if they were cooked on the street and fed

The BBC honored Sapna Rokka Magar with an award for burying her in a state of disarray. His courage and bravery was certainly worthy of salute. Going to the side of a dead person makes anyone feel cold. But Sapna did not go to the house to take out the corpse and burn it. From this work, Sapna, who is leading in social service, had been feeding free food to those who could not get food due to corona for some time. Sapna and her team whose name is our team Nepal. The team was distributing free food and clothing. Our team has been feeding those who lost their jobs as the corona virus spread. But on Monday, the police forcibly arrested a member of our Team Nepal with a dream and took him to the police station.

The Kathmandu Metropolitan Corporation had asked them to leave the place saying that they would not be allowed to cook and feed on government land. As soon as the lockdown opened, they said they would leave the place. According to our team coordinator Vimal Pant, the government has mistreated them while helping the poor and helpless. He said that the government rules and regulations are on one side but such behavior of the government has abused not only our team but also the entire helpless. He said that they were mistreated after being caught by the police and thrown into the van. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. Therefore, they will now proceed legally, he said.

He said that the goods worth Rs 1 million belonging to our team were looted by the metropolis. At present, they do not have any goods but they are preparing to feed the helpless by packing their belongings. Despite the protests of the metropolis, the team is planning to start feeding again without any disturbance from its work. The metropolis is going to build an entertainment place where our team cooks and feeds. But now Nepalis need two mouthfuls of food rather than entertainment, says Pant.

It is said that he was beaten by the police. She collapsed as the male police officer hit her in the chest with a stick, making it difficult for her to breathe. He said that the male policeman also beat him inside the van. Despite being a female police officer, she has objected to being beaten by the male police. The mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City had instructed to demolish the tent. But the ward chairman said that it should not be demolished as our team is doing a good job.

According to Sapna, now Nepali youths have suggested no one to do social service. He thinks what kind of country I was born in, what kind of society I live in. She said that the government has done such a thing because of the youth group. Our team’s cooking house in Nepal has collapsed, but the dream is to continue feeding the helpless and poor even if they cook on the way.

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