Sara left the movie with Anmol, met Jibb at the disco, G bob new song

G. Bob, who is taking the step of his struggle by choosing rap in the field of Nepali song music, to become a very popular rapper in the young generation, his songs are becoming popular one after another.  In her upcoming music video for the new market, Sarah and Delbis will be seen performing at parties at discos, capturing the mood of many viewers.  The song has been prepared depicting various aspects of Nepali society.  For the shooting of G Bob’s rap song, it was found at the disco that Sara has been taking opportunities from the Nepali film industry as well.

G Bob, Sara, Delbis, Free Entertainment’s team is shooting for 3-5 days, he said.  Although Dalbis was not beaten by anyone, he said that he was beaten with gusto.  She said that when she was in 8th grade, when a friend proposed to her, she went straight to the room and got up.  He described G. Bob as a very funny man, a man he had met for the first time, as if he had known him for a long time.  According to Delbis, despite being loved by so many spectators, he has a very calm and sociable nature and lives a life of harmony.

Sarah and Delbis, who met through a music video, said they were happy to meet and work together.  He said that when Delbis got to sing rap for the first time, he had a different kind of inspiration.  She says that Delbis seeks to learn from everything, and that she seeks a future by presenting herself in a well-mannered way.  She said that the thrilling part of Sarah’s Delbis was good.  Delvis and Sarah, who have been in the field of acting for a long time, said that they are moving forward by respecting their work in order to show something new in their field.

Although Sarah is now seen separately, she has said that she will be seen with Raj in another video. Since the first meeting was in a photo shoot, they are in a general hat.  She said that when Yaktar was in the photo suit, she looked good because she was well-dressed and did not speak for a while.  She said that since Deepak Nepali first asked her for this song, she could not say no in the way of her profile.

Sarah said that G. Bob’s look was very good, and she had a good habit of speaking with respect.  Since the song was made by a good team, Sara said that she is confident that the audience will like the song.  She said that she would be happy to meet her future husband, the animal she met.  Sarah said that she was happy to meet the media and give an interview after a long time now.

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