Sarada Giri Kali Budi, Balchi and Raju Master refuting the allegations made by Kali Budhi, apologized – Balchi Dhurbe and Raju Master.

A team of artists, including Balchi Dhurbe and Raju Master, who have made a name for themselves through serials and music videos, has brought new music videos to the market. After the light-hearted Kali Budhi put her thoughts in the media that she was not invited to shoot tomorrow, the two have read the comments and put their thoughts there. He has said that he did not take his mother out and called her without a roll. He has apologized for the heartache.

Two people have apologized for making a mistake while they were working, as their role is safe. Sometimes the mother of the begging old man, sometimes the mother of the fish, the artist who makes the audience laugh and cry, Sarada Giri, the famous artist of comedy tele-serial. Kali Budhi, who has been in the field of Nepali art for a long time, said that in recent times, many viewers have been calling for a swing from the popular serial Halka Ramailo, but now Tim has stopped contacting them.

Speaking on Majja’s television from her home, Sir Tar said that she is still working with the love of the viewers even at the age of 71. Kali Budhi, who has been appearing in movies, music videos and serials, has been offered a lot of places now. Kali Budhi has said that she does not have much disagreement with the team of light fun. While doing the music video, she said that she was sadder than putting the link of her youtube on your channel.

She said that when she was sick, she used to fight at home thinking about her own time, remembering her own channel. Kali Budhi has said that she has stopped working in 6 channels before Balchi. Kali Budhi has said that she has stopped contacting him for shooting now. She said that it is better to work in one place than to work in many places. Now, many artists have come out one after the other, even though there is no quarrel among them, for some reason they have not come in contact, said Kalibudhi.

She said that many viewers know her as the mother of the beggar and she is very happy to be known by that name. She said that she had two sons and two daughters and loved her very much. She has been involved in the field of art since she was 37 years old. She said that it was very difficult to get a job in the field of art in the past. “After an acquaintance asked Prem to work in a movie, then one after the other, the audience started liking him a lot,” she said. She said that although it was difficult for her at first, she started working after having fun. She said that even though she had to work, she had to walk first and survived by eating tea biscuits all day long.

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