Saraswati, who worshiped the singer Tika Sanu by placing her photo in the temple

People have to go through a lot of struggles in life, some people don’t think about life as much as they have all the parts in their life, but some people become something in life even when they don’t have their own body parts, they are weakened by the hateful community. They are also struggling to show that they are not. She says that Saraswati Tirwa, who has a dream of making a bright future in her field of art by worshiping the living man, worships popular singer Tika Sanu and singer Man Singh Khadka every day.

can’t bear the pain she has suffered in her life, she even thinks about how many times she will end her life in one go. Along with Saraswati, she will worship God with a photo of Tika Sanu and Man Singh Khadka and now she is very happy to meet him, she said. Saraswati, who has been living in a squatter settlement, has been able to work even though she is blind. She has come to Kathmandu from Dailekh and is struggling. Tika said that she had helped Saraswati as much as she could as she had suffered a lot.

Mansingh Khadka said that as much as she was eager to meet Saraswati, she was saddened to see the settlement where she lived and her struggle. Mansingh has said that she will help him as much as she can. Although she used to come to Kathmandu to record songs, later she came to Kathmandu to meet Tika Sanu, Mansingh Khadka and Huma, but no one helped her to meet her for a long time, she said. When Saraswati meets Tika Sanu, she cries that she has met God.

Singer Tika Sanu, who has reached the peak of popularity from Indrani, the mother of language , culture, culture and civilization, has been in the news lately. Tika, who has been winning the hearts of the viewers by combining pieces of live rehearsals, is known as a successful artist. She says that it is important to keep in mind that there are many ups and downs in a person’s life. Tika, who has always entertained the audience through her black throat, is now starring in a comedy TV series.

Singer Tika Sanu, who has been gaining a lot of attention from live rehearsals, has become very popular in recent times. Tika has a lot of fans in the country and abroad, she was very popular in one live rehearsal after another, which led to Tika reaching the pinnacle of success. Tika says that she has suffered a lot in her life and looks at others as if it was her own grief. Tika, who was born in a normal family, says that tears still come to her eyes when she remembers the moment when her mother went abroad to support her family.

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