SaReGaMaPa Li’l Champs Nepal, Elimination Round.  Episode 24 With Mahesh Khadka

The Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champion, which has come into operation from the famous face of Nepal, is running now. It has been selecting the talents for 24 episodes.  This will enable many children to learn new things. Competitors who have struggled in life will learn something new. Learning is the hardest lesson in human life. It determines the future of human beings.  Josie, New Barjacharya. There will be 15 grand jury members in the program. It will further refine the intellect of the children.

Famous artists have come to be the grand jury to teach in Yash Champion. The special guests in the field of music are also invited here. This has given opportunity to the children to learn more.  She has also got Rs 20,000 from Siddhartha Bank. She is confident that she will make more progress in the music field after this. She has also got an opportunity to sing a song. The famous musician, lyricist,  The creator, Dr. Joe Natikaji, has also been awarded the Special Award by Mahesh Khadka.  There were many self-help groups running in the country and abroad. Lately, one program after another has been running in Nepal as well.

Singing competitions are a means of finding the talents written in the village and giving them a plate form. People have no place to show their talents and kill their inner art.  The singing field has become a good platform for the talents who have started singing along with the chirping of the birds.  There are a lot of people learning now. Artists are working hard day and night to bring their talents to the fore in the field of art.

In a situation where ordinary artists are confined to the corners of the village, singing talents have become a means of bringing their hidden talents to the attention of the general public.  People who come to Nepal from abroad also participate in the program.  After seeing the people who suddenly became hits, many have also appeared in the singing champion to be viral.

Most of the artists who are hiding in Nepal seem to have become popular through these self-help programs. There are a lot of people who are involved in this field which is considered to be good in terms of income.  The journey is carried forward. It is not known where the tongue of a human being will reach at any time.  They say goodbye to him after explaining all the procedures. After settling in the society, one has to live as a social creature.

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