SaReGaMaPa Li’l Champs Nepal. Gala Round.  Episode 27 With Shiva pariyar

In today’s  Gala Round, singer-composer and successful artist Shiva Pariyar has been the guest of the audience to bring new songs to the market.  The competition, which is being conducted by people who have gained experience in the field of music, will help many children to develop in the field of singing. So that many children will be able to learn something new.  Learning is one of the hardest lessons in life. It determines the future of human beings. The judges of the Yash program are Kali Prasad Baskota, Indra Josi, New Barjacharya.  It is not only a learning platform but also a teaching platform.

Special personalities of the field are invited. This has given more opportunities for children to learn. Artists who have been giving their presentations since the 27th episode have come out.  Today’s guest is the famous musician, lyricist, composer who has settled in Nepali Darskoan Mitu, Shiva Pariyar.  There were many self-employed people in the country and abroad. In Nepal too, Yash program will play a big role for the bright future of the children and to improve their weaknesses.

Lately, one program after another has been running in Nepal. Due to which, they have been able to get a good market by participating in each other’s programs.  There is nothing that you can do about it.  There are a lot of people who learn Sa Re Ga Ma Pa now. The artists are working hard day and night to showcase their talents in the field of art.

Most of them are not able to show their hidden talents even due to their financial status. While ordinary artists are confined to the corners of the village, singing talents have become a means of bringing their hidden talents to the public.  A new history has been created by introducing people to such singing talents in different places. Lately, people who love song and music have come to Nepal from abroad to participate in the program.  People with black cheeks have been forced to hide their talents due to lack of money.

Many people have been seen in the singing champion for being viral after people suddenly started seeing people in the singing field. Most of the artists hiding in Nepal seem to have become popular through these self-help programs.  By participating in such talents, people have become acquainted with the country and abroad. People have continued their journey in life with various joys and sorrows.  Yes. They start to have differences in singing. They start singing the song by shaking their voice and lightening their body more than the village. Uchi bids them farewell after explaining all the process.

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