Sarita Lamichhane struggle story

Sarita has shared the experience of Covid during these 16 days of bed admission in the hospital. Her whole family including his husband Rishi were suffering from the coronavirus. She said that 16 days of a long period was so painful to her during her life long journey till the date. She has crossed the age of 40 but it is the first time she has really gone through this severe pain. Though she along with her family is corona negative at this situation but still she is not fit and healthy as before. Her husband is still in the hospital bed for complete recovery.

She thinks that life is such a beautiful journey and we don’t have to worry about it but when she was admitted during 16 days for her recovery, she understood more about life and got a chance to know more about life and death very clearly. Though  a lot of suggestions and blessings are there for her and her family members but still she was mentally and physically weak and got to know that though we can be surrounded by our loved ones but we have come alone and during our painful situation we have to struggle alone to survive. 

While doing the CT_Scan of her husband Rishi, doctor had said that the condition is quite bad ahd he should be admitted as soon as possible. After listening to this, Sarita became quite nervous and roaming and calling each and every hospital to admit her husband as soon as possible. But it became difficult to find the hospital. She was feeling totally helpless and luckily some people took her husband and admitted him for recovery. At that period she feels that some relatives are only the name of relatives to her and some unknown people can be real god to them and she can understand this during this period. 

She is really thankful for some special people of her life Bijaya Lama(from Cine industry), Rajiv Pahadi(brother), Srijana Pahadi(vauju), Kabita Gelal(sister), Saroj Dahal, Soniya and many others. She already had some vibes that she will test corona positive after giving the sample because she was suffering from severe body ache and a common cold which she never had felt before. Her mother, her daughter and her dear and near ones give immense support to her to fight against this recovery. 

At last, she is appealing to the Nepal government to provide a good support system and health service protocols to the common people during this pandemic period.

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