Sarita story of making millions through beekeeping: Honey business

People are making millions in Nepal by taking advantage of opportunities, facing challenges and advancing their work. Sarita Bhattarai Shrestha opened a bee farm in Dhapa Khel of Lalitpur district and now she also produces bees and sells honey produced from bees in the country and abroad. She said that small insects extract a lot of things. The demand for honey is increasing as bees produce honey, herbs, samps and many other things, she said.

As Nepal’s honey is very good and its demand has increased tremendously, the state should also allocate space and encourage other businesses including bees, she said. She said that since her ancestral profession was honey production, she started this business. Encouraging exemplary entrepreneurs who have come forward with the desire to do something in their own country, wherever they live in the rural and urban markets, and encourage the entrepreneurs who have been doing exemplary work in Nepal, the youth who have been struggling at home and abroad. In order to guide young women towards entrepreneurship that there are such opportunities in their country, power media network has worked to show the work of Nepali products and producers in the country and abroad, which has shocked the people in the country and abroad.

Most of the people go abroad because they have not found employment opportunities in Nepal, they have nowhere to earn money, while some people are living happily in Nepal because they want to earn a living in their own country. Most of the people spend some time in the country and abroad and learn the money and skills from there and apply it in their own country, which has given employment to some people and they are also earning profit.

Most of the people in Nepal have struggled in foreign lands by trampling on the opportunities they have seen, the natural beauty of their country, the importance of the opportunities here after going abroad, in the spirit, their country has become a successful business in their homeland. Most of the people are still living by earning various happiness, by applying their property skills commercially, and now they are earning a decent income. If people start doing any work wholeheartedly, the example that one can earn crores by living in Nepal is now becoming clear.

Even though Nepal is known as an agricultural country in the world, its people are forced to eat outside due to lack of technology, agricultural knowledge and scientific experience, but in recent times, this problem seems to be gradually diminishing. People are applying the skills learned in the country and abroad in Nepal, foreign growth in Nepal. Even though Nepal is a country rich in natural resources, people here have benefited from it when outsiders did not understand its importance.

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