Sarokar With Nimesh Banjade

Sarokar is a television program show that is run by the Nimesh Banjade. The program is broadcasted on Kantipur Television HD from 6th October, 2020 at 9:00pm. The program is presented by Riddhi Siddhi. Banjade is a TV journalist, producer and director of program “Sarokar”.

Today program is about Rail and electricity used in Nepal, what should we do to improve or do better in our countey, In the episodes of sarokar hosted by the Nimesh Banjade, different political leaders, artists, governmental figures, Joint Secretary of Ministry of Education, Member of National Planning Commission, Science and Technology, Women Entrepreneur, Member Secretary of CTEVT are welcomed. The show talks about the latest hot line topics of the country which includes all the aspects including social, political, economic, cultural, socio cultural, socio economical and so on.

Many political and administrative figures are welcomed on the show. The show carries the emerging domains of the country and conversation is held on the related topic. In his program sometimes the questions are raised behind the political aspect of the country, what type of administrative is running on, what type of fruits are gaining by the Nepalese from the Governmental side. He calls the reputed and known political leaders of the country and discuss on the current affairs of the countries. Besides that he also touch the economical aspect of the country, how the country can grow through an economical perspective, the agricultural aspect of the country, educational sector of the country, health sector, transportation sector, tourism sector, telecommunication and technology, electricity, the cultural and traditional aspect of the country, the socio economic issues, the socio cultural issues and many more. From this program the reality difference between the educated and uneducated ones can be known. Energetic Banjade is still running the show and tries to underline and reflects the different aspects of the country on his own way. This program is gaining the love and support from many Nepalese youths.

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