Satya Mohan Joshi’s body will not be cremated

Satya Mohan Joshi, a 103-year-old eloquent centenarian who was admitted to the hospital 24 days ago, died while undergoing treatment in the ICU.  He died at Kisht Hospital during his treatment at 7:09 am on Sunday.  According to the Chief Operating Officer of Kisht Hospital, he died at 7:09 am on Sunday.

Joshi mentioned in his Atma Katha, “If I die, donating my body to the hospital where I died means donating his body to the hospital and donating his body to the hospital.”  He was admitted to Kisht Hospital on October 7 due to health problems.  Recently, he has been suffering from a urinary infection, chronic chest and heart problems, and also dengue, according to the hospital.
 According to the hospital, Joshi was jointly examined by doctors from different departments (medicine, pulmonology, urology, cardiology, and nephrology). Joshi, who made an extraordinary contribution to Nepali culture and society, became an exemplary person in society by working with various people.
The mortal body of Shatabdi Purush Satyamohan Joshi will be kept on the premises of the Lalitpur Metropolitan Municipality Office for public homage in the afternoon.  After a while, the body will be taken from the hospital to the metropolis complex. According to the reader, the public will be able to pay their respects to Joshi in the metropolis until 4 pm.
It is said that Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and other high-ranking government officials will also visit Lalitpur Metropolitan Complex to pay their respects.  Joshi’s body will be brought back to the Kist Hospital after the public pays their respects.  Joshi will not be cremated as per religious tradition as he has donated his body.  Even though the body of a person who dies at an average age is being studied, what is the condition of the body when the age of 100 years has been cut?  He had announced donating his body to get the information.

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