Saying senior, Dilip knelt at Salon’s feet, got angry with Keki and Bursa after not being invited to the wedding / Dilip & salon

The Nepali film industry, which has been closed for some time due to the collapse of Korna, has started developing slowly as the epidemic of Korna has been declining.  For those who love the field of Nepali cinema, now one after another movie halls are starting to appear.  Famous heroes Dilip Raimajhi and Salon Basnet, who played important roles in the movie Lakha Jawan Hall, are preparing to release the movie.

Barsha and Keki, who played as a couple in the movie, have given a message to make your married life happy even if you don’t call Dilip and Salon when you are getting married.  Lakha Jawan film shows the activities in the toll neighborhood and the country, showing how to solve it.  As it is a film made with the leading comedian Kalakar in the Nepali film industry, he said that he did not know that time had passed in the hall.  He said that since the film was made by incorporating the activities in the Nepali society into comedy, it would show the various activities taking place in the society.  Rayamajhi said that loving the film, which was made by incorporating Nepali Bhasa culture, would bring a different kind of happiness.

Salon, who has been wanting to meet Dilip Rayamajhi for 18-20 years, says that he met Dilip after a long time.  He said that Dilip had played the movie Salon before him and that he was older than him.  In the beginning, Dilip Raimajhi, who was very popular among the viewers who used to play a lot of movies, was abducted by the producer and told to play the movie.  Rayamajhi, who has made a name for himself in the field of Nepali cinema, said that it took him 4-5 years to manage his time.  He said that while working in the field of cinema, he got a lot of love from the audience at that time.

He said that even though Salon was a good artist working in the same place, they could not give the film as per the demand of the audience.  With the development of technology and the development of many new technologies, the audience has not been able to produce as expected, Ubel said.  Rayamajhi said that while working in the film industry, he had to eat dinner yesterday and this morning.  Rayamajhi said that it was very difficult to work in the Nepali film industry at the beginning.

While Dilip was eating, he said that he got angry and ate the whole food.  Dilip Rayamajhi is considered to be not only Jackson, but he is also considered to be one of the foremost artists in the world.  Although he was very happy to have Mama Bhanja working with him, he said that he was sad when the movie ended without meeting him while playing a movie.  Dilip and Salon, who are struggling in the field of Nepali cinema, even though they are in the same field, they meet after a long time, he says.  He said that the film was made with the acting of many artists who have made their own identity by entering the field of Nepali art.

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