Saying that there was no love with Anmol, Sara called Pradeep the best hero

Artist Sara Sripali, who has been very popular in the field of Nepali music videos lately, has answered various questions by playing Hit Rapid Fire with the presenter Bijay Subedi in Hit Nepal. Sarah says that acting is important in her life. “I love you, I don’t want anyone else, I want to sing for my brother,” said Hurricane Sapna Hurile. She says that she remembers the betrayal of her first love. She said that she would like to eat tea with Bijay.

Based on the discussion, Puja Sarma is far ahead. She said that she likes all the songs of Sanjib Singh very much, Bipin, Saugat and Pradip Khadka are the favorite heroes of Nepali hero. As she doesn’t know much about Nepali politics, she likes Balen Sah, who is very popular now. She said it took her three months to get to know the man.

In the first film, she said that she did not work hard and did not have love with Anmol, and only friendship. G. Bob, who is taking the step of his struggle by choosing rap in the field of Nepali song music, to become a very popular rapper in the young generation, his songs are becoming popular one after another. In a music video that has just hit the market, Sarah and Delbis will be seen performing at parties at discos, capturing the mood of many viewers. The song has been prepared depicting various aspects of Nepali society. For the shooting of G Bob’s rap song, it was found at the disco that Sara has been taking opportunities from the Nepali film industry as well.

G Bob, Sara, Delbis, Free Entertainment’s team is shooting for 3-5 days, he said. He said that although he was not beaten by Delbis, he kept on beating him. She said that when she was in 8th grade, when a friend proposed to her, she went straight to the room and got up. He described G. Bob as a very funny man, a man he had met for the first time, as if he had known him for a long time. According to Delbis, despite being loved by the audience, he has a very calm and sociable nature and is a person who lives a social life.

She said that since Deepak Nepali first asked her for this song, she could not say no in the way of her profile. Sarah said that G. Bob’s look was very good, and she had a good habit of speaking with respect. Since the song was made by a good team, Sara said that she is confident that the audience will like the song. She said that she would be happy to meet her future husband, the animal, and that she was too young to have a husband.

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