Scary ruined cities without people

What would happen to large man-made structures if they were suddenly dehumanized? Of course, it will be like a ghost bungalow. Of course, people spend their entire life’s earnings to build a house. The government has built the structure of the city to provide organized housing to its people. Therefore, no one can try to leave those structures. But if those structures have to be left in a state of disrepair, they will surely turn into haunted structures. In today’s series, we’re going to talk about cities that have been uninhabited for years.

One such city is the city of Prepait in Ukraine. At one point, a uranium factory exploded in the city. As soon as the blast occurred, all the people living in the city fled their homes. Some people had left their homes without any belongings, while others had left with food for a few days. None of them thought they would leave their home forever. Later, the effects of radiation were so great that no one was allowed to return to the city. They have said that they will not be able to live in that city for 180 years. It has been 34 years since the city was vacated. The huge buildings built in this city are now in ruins.

China built the Thames Town, imitating a developed country within its own country. Where the Eiffel Tower was built, imitating Paris. They also built a city like Nodik, imitating Sweden. Thus China had the ambition to make this city a grand and attractive place. But in a short time, the town became uninhabitable and now the city has become uninhabitable. Sometimes people go to the city to see the world and take photos and come back.

New York’s Brother Island is one such Weaverice Island. Spread over an area of ​​twenty hectares, this island is a man-made island. The island was originally built to quarantine people. In the 18th century, after the outbreak of the Isle Pox epidemic in the United States, people were quarantined on the island. Similarly, wounded soldiers were kept on the island after World War II. At the end of the twentieth century, the island was home to drug users. However, the drug rehabilitation center was removed after the employees started smuggling drugs with a large amount of rum. Since then, the island has been in ruins.

The Colmenscope settlement of Namibia is also a ruined settlement. Once known as the site of diamond mining, the settlement is now in ruins. Also, the houses in the settlement are filled with sand. Also, Hasima Island in Japan is a man-made island. Once famous for its coal mining, the site is now in ruins as a tourist destination.

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