second marriage of manoj gajurel

Comedian Manoj Gajurel is married. He informed that he got married through social media on Monday. He is married to Manju Pokhrel. Pokhrel is an officer in the Judicial Service of the Government of Nepal. Gajurel had divorced Mina Dhakal four years ago.

He is writing on social media after marriage, happy information to relatives, friends and well-wishers! Life does not always follow a straight line. People here know that my long married life ended legally 4 years ago. Since then, I have been living as the sole guardian of my son and daughter.

It is natural to feel the need for intimate companionship during the journey of life. It was also important to be sensitive about my parents’ education, health and future. In both cases there was a complete lack of companionship. Babunani’s request also started coming like this.

In the process, I got to know Manju Pokhrelji, the Judicial Service Officer of the Government of Nepal. Gradually, our intimacy began to grow. Having gone through the same environment and the same kind of experience, we finally decided to travel together.

I promised to fulfill each other’s responsibilities as a shared responsibility. I have resolved to accept and retaliate for the joys / sorrows that come my way. The suggestions and consent of our Babunanis also helped us to reach this decision. All media friends are kindly requested: Please do not write fictional news about my personal life.

Please don’t tell an indecent story that will burn Manjuji’s honor and reputation. Please don’t make torturous trolls and videos for the happiness and peace of our children!

At the same time, I would like to emphasize that no one has the legal, practical and social permission to make unnecessary material about our very personal affairs. My children and I have been traumatized by past chaotic interviews, anti-social activities, and rude behavior.

There is also a polite suggestion to the users of YouTube, online news, tick and other networks to place, promote and ridicule such activities – please speak and write as a responsible parent. Realize the serious impact that extreme abuse of social media can have on you and your children.

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