Secret of a huge Muslim village found in the middle of the forest

Nepal is a country full of many castes, religions and cultures. Different castes have been living here collectively. Fakir communities have been living together in Nepal for centuries. That is why today’s Nepalis prefer to call Nepal a secular nation. There has never been a quarrel between this religion and that religion. Neighboring India and Pakistan are still at war in the name of religion. But there is no sign of such a war in Nepal. Due to the harmony and brotherhood between the followers of different religions living in Nepal, all the followers of different religions have been living together. A village in Tanahu is full of such brotherhood.

Samjhur village of Tanahu district where the Muslim community is densely populated. Haji Abdul Rahim Mia, 77, lives in this village. She likes to wear a Nepali hat. He is about to turn 77 years old. Even though he is a Muslim, his acquaintance and friendship with Hindus is strong. He says that the people of his community and the people of the Hindu community mingle with each other by signing Miteri. According to him, the Hindu community is also very generous and supportive towards the Muslim community. People from the Muslim community mainly celebrate Eid. But the Muslims of this village celebrate the Hindu festival Dashain Tihar along with their festival.

In the Muslim community, it is customary to fast for months. He says that the brothers of the Hindu community used to give them vegetables and other fruits at that time. In terms of importance, Eid is very important for the Muslim community. But he says his family buys new clothes for their children during the decade. He said that all the festivals of Dashain Tihar will be celebrated.

At the age of 77, Rahim Mian has gone through many ups and downs in his life. In Yobich, he says, he has never had any differences with the brothers of the Hindu community. Together with his Hindu friends, he remembers the happy and unforgettable moment when he reached Kathmandu after walking for 6 days to meet King Birend. Many of his companions have now passed away.

There was no school to study during N’s childhood. After many years, he has the experience of sitting on the ground and learning black and white. Based on what he learned, he used to write everything from Bhansun’s paper to letters in the village.

He has the experience of conducting good wishes program for nine years on the occasion of Eid, Vakrid, Dashain and Tihar. The Hindu and Muslim communities of the village participated in the program and exchanged good wishes. He said that after the program, people from the two communities would come and eat food cooked by their own community. In this way, he has the experience of playing a very supportive role in enhancing the brotherhood between the two communities, Hindus and Muslims. He is confident of living in the same way in the days to come.

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