Secret of White House

In the United States, the president’s residence is called the White House. Here, the newly elected
heads of state sit in different rooms and formulate the rules and procedures of the country.
Former President Barack Obama also planned to assassinate Osama bin Laden at the White
House. In today’s series, we’ll talk about what’s inside the 400 million White House.
The White House is spread over 18.07 hectares of land. The White House is considered one of
the safest homes on earth. It has special services and security inside and outside. Every room and
floor here is used for special purposes. There are even secret rooms. The White House is divided
into West Wing, Resident, East Wing and White House Cricket. To understand the White House,
you need to know about these parts.

The White House’s West Wing is used exclusively for commercial purposes. It has 3 floors.
There is an entrance on the ground floor. But this is not the mainstream. The main stream here is
on the first floor. On the ground floor there are conference rooms, kitchens, photo beds, photo
offices and homeland security. Briefing and secret service rooms are very important here. The
first floor is considered as a special floor. Along with the entrance, there is the office of the
President, Vice President and other offices. The most important office here is the Oval Office. It
is formed in the oval sep with darkness. Sitting in this room, the President announces various

The residential building connects the Palm Room and West Wing. There are two North and
South entrances. There are 4 floors in total. A Wesmanch is in the building to work on the White
House maintenance. On the ground floor, there is a kitchen, a playground, and an office of the
security guards assigned to guard the president from the doctor’s room. This is also done in the
guest room on the ground floor to welcome foreign guests.
The White House has been a museum since 1961. You can also visit or tour here. More than
5,000 people visit here every year.

In the White House Secret, some kind of movement time is kept in the bunker here. If the US
president had to leave the White House suddenly, there would be two options. One has to go to
the treasury building through the tunnel from this bunker. This is the building where all the
financial transactions of the US government take place. The second option is to go from the
bunker to another one-storey underground tunnel. Which reaches Southlon.

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