Secrets that even scientists could not discover

New facts are being discovered on earth every day. Scientists are beginning to discover more facts about these mysteries. In some they get close to reality and in others there are things that they are not able to answer. In some cases, they try to solve big mysteries on the basis of small evidence, while in other cases, even small things startle them. In other words, they are the ones who are trying to find out the secret. There are many objects and places about which scientists have not yet been able to discover the reality. In today’s series we will discuss all three objects and places, which scientists are amazed about.

Who built the city of Carnatum? How did Austria come to be? There are still questions about this. Some people believe that its development dates back to the time of the Roman Emperor. Which is believed to have developed from 351 to 361 AD. At that time some wonderful works were made by the Romans. And one of the three was the military site. The city of Carnatum was built around the same site. Where about 50,000 people used to live. Now that whole civilization has long since disappeared. But a sign of that can still be seen there today. It has long been considered a ruin. But recently scientists have found some facts about it. It is known as hydrant. If it was really built by the Romans, they should have left something of their God there. But a search revealed nothing. Scientists are still researching its construction.

Inventive Island is a very popular name among the people of Kenya. The people of Kenya tell strange and wonderful stories about the island. This island, built on Lake Turkana, is also known as No Return. There is a truth behind this. People who have been to this island never come back. In 1935 a man named Vivian First arrived with two colleagues. But he never returned. After that, the people there became more and more terrified. People who know about this island call it an elixir base. Anyone who goes here can be accommodated by Yaliyan. People there say that they have seen lightning strikes in the pit many times. It is a mystery why the lightning falls in the middle and why it does not fall left or right. Since 1935, no one in the world has dared to visit the island.

The story of the Syrian temple of Endara is a bit strange. There you can see a very large human foot. It has been the target of Paitala for 3300 years since the temple was built.

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