See where Bina Sapkota is going in a hurry CCTV footage

Bina Sapkota, 21, of Gaindakot Municipality-4 has been missing since July 30. Rita Sapkota, 48, has not been able to take care of herself at home in Japardi Tol for 11 days. She hugs Sirani and cries. She mutters from time to time. She urges visitors to find her soon. ‘Daughter was like a god who understands Baama pain. Her chest is burning with pain. Where is she In what condition is she? ‘, Rita said crying, In any case, my daughter had to be found quickly. ‘

According to the Annapurna Post, after Rita found it difficult to handle, all the photos of Jhunda were taken from the wall. Otherwise, when he saw the photo of his daughter, he would cry. He suspects that his daughter has been taken hostage by someone. I think he will return. “We never stopped talking about our daughter’s happiness. “Baama’s pain is a daughter who understands behavior,” she said.

In the hope of finding out her daughter’s condition, she looked for a place to look. From Nawalpur to Kathmandu, Bhaktapur has reached everyone. She went to see Gaindakot. She was overwhelmed when the observer told her that she would return home by Monday. However, she is even more worried as nothing has been found till Monday.

Jayeshwar Sapkota, 50, is finding it very difficult to take care of his wife. When he goes out in the morning to look for his daughter and returns in the evening, Jayeshwar is left speechless. They go out to find out what happened to their daughter. They return disappointed. “She is OK. “It’s very difficult to handle when it’s difficult to handle on your own,” he said. The pain was getting less and less. ‘

Had been living in the UK for admission studies. He arrived in Nepal in the second week of April and will return on July 12. He reached Gaindakot to meet Bina. At the same time, it was suspected that he was in love with another girl. Jayashwar’s father said that he would return in half an hour after talking to Bina. After another girl refused to come to Gaindakot, she went to Gauriganj without entering Bharatpur.

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  1. Yudis Subedi

    Women Organizations and individual social workers should try to educate the families to face different situations rather than blaming the government. People should always be careful at this time due to pandemic and flash flood all over the country.

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