See where Sabine was killed. The dream of Sabin, who was ready to go to Germany

Savin Phuyal, who was studying VSC at Trichandra College, was preparing to go to Germany for further studies. He excelled in studies and was loved by his friends in college. He helped everyone, went ahead to do any work and was always active in the programs held in the college.

Savin is the youngest son of father Srihari Phuyal and mother Gayatri Phuyal. He wanted to go abroad and bring happiness to his family. He was also engaged in housework and farming. But now Savin’s dream of going to Germany will not come true. Sawin Phuyal of Pachmane left Balaju Jarangkhu with his friends after having lunch on Sunday evening.

The tipper, which was following Savin, who was walking home, hit Tarakeshwar-6 Chisapani. Relatives claim that he was killed by two tipper drivers and co-drivers of the same area who took him to a depot where they were carrying sand and aggregates.

According to Savin’s neighbor Balram Pudasaini, a tipper number Ba 5 B 6779 of Mahalakshmi and Balami Suppliers hit him at 9 o’clock on Sunday night. After that, Pudasaini said that the driver of the tipper was shot in the neck by Sabel.

“He was followed by the tipper from Balaju with the intention of killing him,” Pudasaini said. His relatives say that he has cho tachot all over his body. Relatives say that there is a scar on the neck from wearing a Dha Rilo Ha Tiyar, but the bike that Savin was riding was not injured at all.

It took 4 days for the police to go and take the registration. According to Dineshraj Mainali, Spokesperson of District Police Complex Kathmandu, a complaint has been registered on Thursday regarding the incident. Savin is a student of B.Sc in Trichandra College. He was preparing to go to Germany for further studies. Excellent in studies, he was also loved by his friends in college.

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