Sensational revelation that King Gyanendra will seize power: Hemant’s secret information is being discussed with the army.

Lately, various activities in the minds of the people in Nepal are only hurting the people. After all, even those who make mistakes are hurting the common people.  This country has never felt a leader who moves forward by sharing happiness and sorrow with the people of the country.  Nepal’s leaders and government employees are only looking after their own stomachs and families.

Hemant says that one has done wrong in the name of the people. Leaders who have struggled to change the lives of the people by joining the government say that they have returned to the caste.  He said that the country could not be developed and changed by the traitorous leader of Nepal who acted differently from what the people wanted. He said that all the citizens need service facilities.

He said that the leaders of Nepal were greedy for some money in order to bring US rule in the country for their own selfish ends.  He asserted that the leaders who could not fulfill their duty now rejoiced in their world.

Hemant says, how can the leaders of this country recognize our relationship with India which is known as our friend nation.  He had lived a life full of service and comfort even in the face of such hardships. When the earthquake of 2072 caused so much wealth, while other nations were supporting Nepal and Nepalese people in their grief, India had closed the border and given them gifts.  He says the leaders have not been able to improve relations with India, which has been attacking from behind when it is in trouble.

He says that the Nepal Army has also protected the land of India. Hemant says that the Indian people are cowards.  He says that the old leadership is ruining the country by working and the old leadership. Therefore, he claims that the current leadership should go to the king.  He says that even though he earns Rs 50,000 a month by selling noodles, it is a shame to see Nepalis sleeping on the streets abroad thinking it is a shame to work in Nepal.

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