Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Part 1 || Dr.Yogi Vikashananda

There are two types of people in the world. The first is a very influential person and the second is a very ineffective person. Why does this happen? Many people have done research on this. Among them is the book Seven Habits Highly Effective People by Dr. Steven R. Covey. This book is one of the most popular books in the field of motivation.
First of all, it is important to understand the pro active and reactive personality. Any event is interpreted differently by the pro-active personality and differently by the reactive personality. Even the interpretation of the same event is interpreted differently by influential and ineffective people.

People with ineffective or reactive personalities always blame others. Such people go straight to Satyanash. Similarly, the range of pro-active people is that whatever problem or incident they try to focus on themselves, they solve it themselves. He takes responsibility for everything. It doesn’t matter what others do to me, it depends on what they do to themselves. The outcome of what we will become in the future depends on what we think.

If you have the mentality of trying to avoid blaming others, then you are definitely an ineffective person. You are one of the last people. Some of these types of people who have passed away are the right kind of people in the society. Not to be lost, but to be of no importance. Because if you can’t give something to the society, then the society won’t give anything. It is important to have something in the society for a few days.

People should be able to take responsibility for this. There is a lot of e-mail going on in the family society, but you can be effective if you can move forward with responsibility. But there is nothing more foolish and ineffective than to take responsibility for what others have done to me. If you have the mentality that others didn’t care about me, siblings, parents, friends, teachers, no one cared about me, then you know you’re done.

But if you have the mentality that you have to take responsibility for everything, then you are an influential person. You will be one of the most influential people in the world if you do not blame others but take responsibility and move forward with the thought that I should not talk about others, that I should do this for me on earth.

Psychologists have done a lot of experiments with these things in mind. In the experiment, it was found that the person carrying responsibility reached a higher level and the person who did not take responsibility reached a higher level. Apart from these two types of people, there is a third person in the society who is sometimes negative and sometimes positive. They get stuck in the middle.

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