Sheila Ale, the singer who always laughs, cried loudly on her birthday, leaving her mother in her arms

When a person is born, he steps on the ground without knowing anyone. Parents have an important role to play in raising him. For the children, the mother and father are the most important characters in showing the way to the truth.

Be it always from the song, or walking around laughing while enjoying the conversation, Shila Ale is crying on the occasion of her birthday. Since she was very close to her mother from an early age, she would have been grateful if she had lost her life in her arms. Parents, educators, friends and sisters who are raising and raising themselves on their birthdays are the memories for them.

Sila Ale, who is most interested in the field of folk music, says that her travels from home to abroad and in the field of music, the love she has received from the audience is immense. Always sitting in the heart of the audience, bringing fun songs to the market, Ale Mr. Darsak encouraging inspiration and the blessings of parents say that the journey so far has been successful. Ale, who has been the inspiration for everyone in her life, is now at the peak of her discussion, whether she is abroad or in Nepal, she presents her talent to the audience in a new way.

Ale, who was born in Bharatpur 21, Chitwan, says that her husband is the youngest son of the family. She has been married three times. She said. Ale says that even though she got married three times during her marriage, three times new relatives and friends participated in the marriage.

Sila Ale says that she left after marrying the son of Magar Bahun, an organization affiliated with Jada, saying that she was married to a Brahmin. “Everyone has the right to be happy according to the wishes of the people who are in the teaching profession,” he said. Ale has said that she still needs the love of the audience to give birth to her, to give birth to her, to accompany her in the days of madness and to accompany her now.

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