Shilpa Pokhrel went to so many places to get justice

Actress Shilpa Pokharel has reached the police office to lodge a complaint against television presenter Prakash Subedi for making unnecessary news about herself. His case is pending in court. Her four cases with her husband Chhabi Ojha are pending in the court. Prakash had made a program on the same subject. There was a lot of talk about Shilpa in the silver screen program.

The dispute over Shilpa and Chhabi divorce is pending in the court. Shilpa has also gone to AP One Television to air her application. She said that after the news about her was broadcast, others called and informed her about the program. She said that she was surprised to see him only after she came to YouTube. An attempt was made to portray him by associating his name with filmmaker Sanu Khatri. 

After such a thing was broadcast, Sonu’s wife Komal Khatri has also aired a video giving an explanation. Shilpa said that Sonu went into depression a few years ago due to lack of understanding between Komal and Sonu. The video, which she made while she was depressed, was deleted by Komal after she posted it on Facebook. How Prakash got the video that Komal had removed was completely planned, Shilpa said, adding that Prakash did not respond when Komal repeatedly called for Komal to remove the video.

Komal also said that Prakash had repeatedly called Prakash to make a video about Shilpa saying that it was bad. Shilpa has said that only one program has been made about her for the sake of her character. Shilpa Pokhrel has also lodged complaints with the Artists Association, Press Council, Women’s Commission, Maiti Nepal and Federation of Nepali Journalists.

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