Shooting of Pramod and Ruksana, I have been in trouble since I fought from the stage, says Pramod Kharel

The music video of A Batas Nogin, the first song of popular Nepali singer Pramod Kharel and recently popular child singer Ruksana Limbu is about to be made. When Pramod went to a program, he fell down from the back of the stage singing songs, which made him feel embarrassed as he had to rest for a long time.

Pramod Kharel, who has been coaching Nepal from the voice of nepal to the voice of kids, and Ruksana Limbu, who is competing in his team from The voice of kids, is about to make a music video of his first song. Artists who have been devoting their time to the field of Nepali music for a long time, suddenly come to a standstill.

He said that after falling from the stage, it was still very difficult for him to go and work in the field. He said that after taking medicine, he is now working normally. While he was entertaining the audience by singing songs, he said that he did not know that he was fighting. The singer also said that he has to climb the stage after experiencing all the areas of the stage, adding that the senior side should also pay special attention.

He said that he came out after he started hurting a lot, even though he sang two or three songs after fighting from the stage. He said that he would feel better in two or three months. He said that it would be difficult for a person who is a little older to fight after he had fought. He said that although he felt a little embarrassed when he sat down to sing while he was injured, he did his best.

When Pramod came to know the result of The Voice of Kids, he said that despite all the allegations, all these things are impossible. He said that he would win his container even among the four coaches. “People have to work very hard in their lives,” he said. He said that since all the talents will be the same for him, all the talents will be equal for him.

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