Shovit Basnet gave such a gradual answer who want to demolish the stadium

The Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium under construction in Chitwan has been the subject of controversy recently. Everyone is coming to the stadium with all kinds of arguments and discussions.

Tara Baral has been fighting for a long time to demolish the stadium. He has also registered a case stating that the stadium is illegal. However, there are many people who say that the stadium should not harm the agricultural campus in any way and that the stadium is a structure of pride of a country and it should be built and everyone should help in its construction. Now, the Dhurmush Suntali team is engaged in the Mechi Mahakali campaign by collecting money for the construction of the stadium and support is also coming from many people some of them gave their land for construction the stadium. Senior producer Shobhit Basnetade is also ready to help in any way in this regard and emphasizes on the need to build the stadium as it is a necessary subject for the players.

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