Shraddha is overflowing with love when Puspa wants to make her his wife

After a long time, one after another films are being made in the field of Nepali cinema. The film industry, which has been closed for a long time, is progressing day by day. Emerging in the field of Nepali cinema through music videos, the movie “Krishna Lila” with the special role of artist, Puspa Khadka and Shraddha, who have won the hearts of many viewers, will be released soon.

He said that even though the song “A Mero Hazur” of the movie “Krishna Lila” was made public, many viewers responded well after watching the song and he was confident that the movie would win the hearts of the viewers. In the music video, Shraddha says that Puspa has grown her hair very well. Shraddha said that she and Puspa are good close friends. While working on the film, Shraddha said that she got the support of everyone.

In the story film Krishna Lila, which includes love, Puspa Khadka has been portrayed as Krishna and Shraddha has been portrayed as Lila. Krishna Lila, who is in love, is in love, in which Lila is found to have selfless love. Shown in The film manages to entertain as well as inform.

Ratna said that since his business is film, he has made very good films professionally, he is a well-known artist and has acted in many projects, he has acted better than he thought, even though he is a new artist, He said that he has worked hard to do his job better than he thought. While one after another actors are coming in the film industry, Ratna has said that the actors demanded by the story have been included in this film.

Shraddha, who looks new in Nepali movies, is a newcomer, but working with him is a very suitable type, said Puspa. Shraddha is love, wife and all those qualities for him, he said. Puspa, who has been working in the Nepali film industry for a long time, is one of the most feared artists in the Nepali film industry. Puspa has also received many awards, which have led him to the pinnacle of success.

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